- a joint venture by the four archaeological institutes of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark

Nordic Library online catalogue

The collection of the Nordic Library is online accessible on its own  (if so wished together with the Norwegian Institute's Triantaphyllopoulos Library and the Swedish Insitute's Kavalla Library) or in the Argo Database (see below).

The fairly small collections kept in the Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish Institutes are also searchable within Nordic Library's catalogue.
A list of the Library's latest accessions is available on our 'New Accessions' page.

A small guide to the use of the online catalogue may be read here (pdf)

The Argo Database on the site of the National Documentation Centre ('Special Libraries') provides the possibility to search the Nordic Library's database in connection with several other libraries e.g.:

  • The Norwegian Institutes 'Johannes Triantaphyllopoulos Library'
  • The Italian School at Athens Library
  • K.E.R.A.: Library of the Center of Greek and Roman Antiquities at the Greek National Research Foundation
  • IBR-INR/NHRF: Modern Greek Library at the Greek National Research Foundation
  • The Netherlands Institute Library
  • EMNE.MNIMON: Library of the Foundation for Studies in Modern Greek History
    (Εταιρεία Μελέτης Νέου Ελληνισμού)