- a joint venture by the four archaeological institutes of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark

Greek Union Catalogue of Scientific Periodicals

Εθνικός Συλλογικός Κατάλογος Επιστημονικών Περιοδικών

Presents more than 80.000 periodicals, in print and online, included in 200 Greek libraries,
Some of the libraries included in the ARGOS Serial Union Catalogue (see below) have uploaded their holdings to the Greek Union Catalogue.

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ARGOS Serials Union Catalogue

ARGOS - Serials Union Catalogue is the combined, online public access catalogue (OPAC) of the collections of serials of 14 archaeological libraries in Athens. The catalogue was last updated by the end of 2001 but can be quite helpful all the same.

The subject content of Library holdings in the ARGOS database covers chiefly Greek history, philology, archaeology, philosophy, and religion, as well as more generally the civilization of inhabitants of the wider area of the Balkans and the Mediterranean from prehistory to the present day.

The Nordic Library's collection of periodicals can be consulted along with the monographs in the Library's own online database.