- a joint venture by the four archaeological institutes of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark

Donations Policy

The Nordic Library at Athens is grateful for the generosity of individuals and institutions who wish to donate material. However, it has been necessary to establish a general donations policy with reference to potential donors. Please note that this statement refers only to donations of library material i.e. books, periodicals, audiovisual material etc. and does not include financial gifts or donation of equipment.

The Nordic Library at Athens has a collection of 40.000 volumes mainly in the field of Greek archaeology, ancient Greek history, religion and classical philology. We appreciate donations of relevant material, to which the following conditions apply:

  • Donations to the library’s collections are screened for acceptance using the same selection principles that are used to evaluate materials for purchase.
  • When donated to the library, materials become the property of the Nordic Library at Athens, which reserves the right to add them to its collection, distribute them to other libraries, donate, exchange, sell or discard them.
  • The Nordic Library does not circulate its material. Therefore, duplicates are not included to its collection and the library reserves the right to donate or discard such material. In the case the library receives the same copy by more than one of the  Nordic institutes (through donation) it will keep the first volume received and treat the others as duplicates.
  • The library is unable to inform donors of the usage patterns of items added to stock.
  • The library cannot generally accept restrictions or special conditions placed by donors. However, cases will be examined separately and every effort will be made to accommodate donors’ requests.
  • The library will not appraise or estimate the value of gifts.
  • Gift items will be formally acknowledged if the donor should so wish.

Athens, 2 May 2011