- a joint venture by the four archaeological institutes of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark

General Information

  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9-19 (July and August 9-17)
  • The Library may be used by members of the Institutes of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, as well as by individuals related to the Institutes who need the services of the Library for their studies and postgraduate research. Members of other Archaeological Schools and Institutes may also use the Library as well as individuals doing postgraduate research
  • Bags etc. may not be taken into the Library and can be left temporarily in the lockers in the basement
  • The guests of the Library are kindly requested upon every visit to sign their name in the guestbook
  • Smoking, food and drink as well as loud talking are not allowed in the Library
  • No book may leave the Library. No book should be removed from the shelves unless a sign-out card is properly filled out and put in place of the book. Boxes with sign-out cards are available in the reading room of the Library
  • The tables in the main reading room on the ground floor are available to the readers
  • The readers are kindly requested to leave all books and periodicals on the booktrolley in the reading room after use

Computers - Internet - Photo Copying - Scanning

  • The Internet may be accessed by our resident scholars from the 2 PCs on the second floor and the PCs may also be used for word processing etc.
    The computers are for scholarly use only.
  • The PCs in the reception are only for consulting our databases.
  • Wireless network NorlibGuest is available for our resident scholars.  Ask the Librarian for the password.
  • Photo copying and scanning is possible.

Info to guests who use our shared computers

The Library has 2 computers on the 2nd floor for shared use by its visitors. 

Our library provides strong firewall, the guest Wi-Fi is encrypted and all our devices are protected by software that meet all the needs of the GDPR compliance regulation but how you use or store your personal information or files is your responsibility.

When you use the shared computers please note that it is your obligation to delete your personal data after use. Always open your email in a private window and delete history after use. Do NOT save your email passwords etc on these computers.
And when you finish your work please delete all the data you may have stored.

Plan of the Library

  • Basement:

    Aa       Archaeology, general                                             
    Ab       Greece, modern 
               (Abh "Greece, modern Literature" & AbI "Literature translated into Greek": deposited in the Norwegian Institute)
    Ac       Nordic Countries
    Ad       Restoration
    Ae       Byzantinology
    Af        Textiles and fabrics
    Ag       Travelers' Accounts

    Compact-shelf rooms:
    Periodicals, CVA, Offprints, Reprints, Dissertations,
    Ba Bibliography

  • Ground floor:

    Bi        Theatre
    Bj         History of Music
    Bk        Film and history 
    Bm       Architecture
    Bv        Festschriften

    Copy room:
    Bc       Dictionaries
    Reading room:
    Bb       Reference books
    Bd       History, general                               
    Be       History, Greek                                  
    Bf        History, Roman                               
    Bg       History of religion                            
    Bh       History of civilization

  • First floor:

    Scholars’ reading room:
    Cb       Congresses                                     
    Cd       Archaeology, theory and method
    Ce       Archaeology, Greek                        
    Cf        Archaeology, localities
    Ci        Art, general                                      
    Cj        Painting and ceramics
    Cq       Underwater Archaeology

    Scholars’ office 1:
    CL       Inscriptions and papyri                                          
    Cn       Greek authors Scholars’ office 2:
    Cna     LOEB - Greek authors
    Cnb     OCT Oxford Classical Texts - Greek authors
    Cr       Museums  
    Ck       Art, small objects

    Scholars’ office 3:
    Co       Philosophy
    Cm      Philology
    Cg      Topography, Greece                                   
    Cga    Topography, Athens
    Cgb    Topography, Geography and Maps
    Cp       History of literature
  • Second floor:

    Large foliants                                                                       
    Dk       Archaeology, oriental
    DL       Egyptology
    Db       Latin authors I

    Scholars’ office 4:
    Df        Numismatics                       
    Dg       Natural science and medicine                                         
    Dh       Technology                                      
    Di        Geography  

    Scholars’ office 5:
    Db       Latin authors II

    Scholars’ office 6:
    Dba     LOEB - Latin authors                                             
    Dc       Archaeology, Italian                                                           
    Dd       Topography, Italian                         
    De       Etruscology

    • A Toilet is on the 2nd floor and a kitchen & balcony on the top floor  
    • New books and periodicals are exhibited in the 1. floor hall